Fundacja Instytut Bezpieczeństwa i Strategii

The Institute of Security and Strategy Foundation is a think tank that supports the process of building and promoting strategic thinking in Poland. We are the only think tank in Poland bringing together domestic and foreign experts with different political views and outstandingm professional achievements, who devote themselves to building a long-term and efficient security and defense policy for Poland. Openness to new ideas, unconventional approaches to issues of internal and international security, the application of expert debate allows for multi-vector definition of threats and allows IBiS to provide tailored analytic solutions. Our strong asset is non-partisanship and the equal treatment of all opinions and points of view aimed at ensuring a stable and prosperous for future generations of Poles.

A graduate of the Lodz University of Technology, co-founder of the Technitel Group, operating in the field of ICT technologies, telecommunications, energy and railway. Responsible in the Group for introducing new technologies, solutions and conducting R & D. Member of the Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan, KIGEiT, KIKE, SBT. Constantly cooperating with government institutions in the field of presentations, training, consultations of regulations and technological solutions. Conference organizer in the field of innovative technologies for building broadband networks. Author of publications in Public Private Partnership Bulletins (PARP, IPPP), expert in the implementation of draft guidelines for the National Qualifications Framework in the telecommunications sector.

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