Fundacja Instytut Bezpieczeństwa i Strategii

The Institute of Security and Strategy Foundation is a think tank that supports the process of building and promoting strategic thinking in Poland. We are the only think tank in Poland bringing together domestic and foreign experts with different political views and outstandingm professional achievements, who devote themselves to building a long-term and efficient security and defense policy for Poland. Openness to new ideas, unconventional approaches to issues of internal and international security, the application of expert debate allows for multi-vector definition of threats and allows IBiS to provide tailored analytic solutions. Our strong asset is non-partisanship and the equal treatment of all opinions and points of view aimed at ensuring a stable and prosperous for future generations of Poles.

Assistant Professor on Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism. His scientific work is connected to geopolitics and security issues, the role of major global states in international relations, terrorism, and the importance of hard power factors. He gives a lecturer on several courses like “international military relations”, “emergency response systems”, “contemporary political systems” mostly on degree studies on National Security (BA and MA). It needs to underline that his Ph.D. dissertation was related to the decision-making process in US defense policy.

He is also a security expert closely collaborating with Warsaw “Defence24 Group”, a provider of professional websites about the military and geopolitics ( and, internal security and counterterrorism (, cybersecurity (, space technology ( and energy issues ( This group of websites is one of the biggest in East and Central Europe region. He is responsible for preparing the professional analysis, commentaries, and interviews. But also he is participating in Defence24 seminaries where his role is based on being an expert or moderator. For instance, he was a moderator of the expert meeting in Warsaw about the new threats for Polish border security with governmental officials, industrial participants, and independent security experts. After this meeting, he had published a special report on a new dimension in border security after the Ukraine crisis and migration crisis.

This year he moderated meeting about Polish program “Harpia” which role is to replace Su-22 and MiG-29 by the new type of multirole military plane. Now he is preparing another event in Warsaw, in Chatham House Rule, which will be about the role and importance of new counter-UAV systems in
internal security.

He is a very active media expert in Poland in the field of international relations, security issues (internal and external), terrorism problem and new security technology. During last years he has
received an invitation to TV programs from TVP (Polish Public Television channels), TVN (Polish Private Broadcaster), Polsat (Polish Private Broadcaster) and WTK (Wielkopolska Private Regional Broadcaster) and radio stations like Polskie Radio24, Polskie Radio Program 1, Radio Zet, Radio Tok Fm.

Generally, he is an expert whose analytic work is focusing on national security issues like hybrid warfare, counterterrorism, special operations forces (SOF), and the role of new technology in security dilemmas. From the geographic context, his studies are close to MENA region, US global
policy and relations between US-Europe, US-China, and US-Russia.
He had an opportunity to be a part of several international and regional expert conferences in Germany, France, Latvia (NATO StratCom Dialogue), Iran, Russia.

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